Max for live based ABLETON LIVE plugin. Add up to four harmonies to your live performance.
Designed by Michael J. Keplinger, add. work by Elisa Breitenbrunner, Georg Schiffer & András Woltron

Note: A new update (»harmonizer6«) is now available!
Thanks to anyone who reached out to make this update possible!


ableton live 11 plugin

The Plugin
The Harmonizer allows you to add up to four harmonies to your live vocals or any other monophonic input. It is 100% Max for Live-based, allowing for an easy import and low file size. Also, a software-independent standalone version is available (if interested please send a short request via email and you will receive a download link as soon as possible).
Either version is completely free, so feel free to experiment and give feedback!

The Harmonizer provides two presets: automatic and manual. The former adds harmonies above the sung note according to the selected scale. With only the first harmony turned on, the Harmonizer accompanies you much like a second singer would. The latter preset adds notes of the selected chord within one octave of the sung note for a dense choir or vocoder type of effect. You can select the root via a MIDI controller through a separate MIDI track.

Non-diatonic chords
Since it is not uncommon for a piece of music to step outside of a single scale, either for a full key change or to make use of other modes, this was at least to some extent accounted for: For any input notes outside of the selected scale, the harmonies are practically “rounded off”: I.e. with the harmonizer set to the key of A major, selecting F would still give you the harmonies of E major (the next chord below, practically), resulting in F diminished, which could be used as a substitute for D#⁷.
The option to input all harmonies individually via a MIDI controller is currently planned for inclusion in the next update.

See what the Harmonizer can do in the example video below:

Like the Harmonizer?
The Harmonizer plugin is available completely free of charge.
However… I wouldn’t say no to a cup of coffee! ;^)